Common Questions Asked about The Script House Letters

Before you can showcase the beauty of your home from the inside, a home address sign will be the one that will reflect the beauty of your house from the outside. Thus, it is very important for your home to be decorated with Script House Letters that will get your home noticed in an instant.

Script House Letters

One of the most common questions surrounding the Script house letters sign would be the ease of its installation. For the most part, the home address signs offered by comes ready to install with a template and hardware. Our home address signs come with spacers and pins to be permanently mounted to a home surface. Housename offers professional installation and will guarantee our workmanship 100%, so having us do it is a better deal.

Another pressing question that has always been asked by people when it comes to Script house letters would be how long these home address signs would last. Depending on the material you choose your housename could last a 15 years to a lifetime. These materials include adhesive vinyl, ¼ inch Dibond aluminum, and ¼ inch acrylic. Having said all these materials will pretty much give you an idea that these are all durable and outdoor worthy. But it really also depends on your budget and the quality of outcome that you would like to have.

There is also a question when it comes to cleaning these Script house letters. The good thing is, it will be hassle free for homeowners for years to come. Cleaning these letters will only require you to power spray and use a moist clean cloth to polish a couple times a year. You never need to paint them and they are very low maintenance. When the time comes and you feel like a change you can cover them in fresh vinyl in a variety of colours including brushed metal look. Just make sure though that you ask us about it so we can recommend the best option needed especially for the materials you selected for your Script house letters.

These are just some of the common question that may arise when it comes to Script house letters. The great thing is, you will definitely be in awe with the end result of your Script house letters from Housename. Order Yours Today!