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Script House Address Letters are something that will set you apart in your neighborhood. They will add the final touch of class, personality and creativity …not to mention pleasant curb appeal. Your street address should be visible and easy to read for many reasons including: emergencies, wayfinding and to help the pizza delivery person distinguish you from your neighbor even in the dark.

Our Script House Address Letters will last from 15 years to a lifetime depending on the amount of direct sunlight they receive and the material you choose: Vinyl, Acrylic or Aluminum.

Your new Adhesive Vinyl Address Letters will be weather resistant including the freezing temps of our Canadian winter and the humidity of damp summer. The letters range from 3-6 inches in height and can be seen easily from the street, even driving by at 30kms per hour.

Vinyl Script Address Letters Milton

Vinyl Script Address Letters are available in a variety of colours including Black, Brown, Gray, White and Beige.

Most homes are earthtone in colour and the larger the contrast difference in the letters, the better the visibility from the street. Our Vinyl Script Address Letters are made from 3M premium cast 2 mil vinyl and rated to last up to 12 years. We say they lasts 15 because they will eventually dryout, crack and peel off. If you want a more permanent solution try our 3D Acrylic House Letters, or Aluminum  House Letters.


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3D Acrylic House Address Letters

Nothing says classy neighbor like 3D Acrylic House Letters displayed on your home, fence or retaining wall. These 3D Acrylic House Letters are made from high quality weather resistant 1/4″ acrylic which is offered in a variety of colours from black, white, gray to bright red and yellow.

3D Acrylic Script House Address Letters are a permanent solution for your homes street address sign and a wonderful addition to the over-all look of your home.  Your new script address will be installed permanently on your homes front by inserting letters which are connected to rods and spacers into pre-drilled holes in your exterior wall or stone fence.

Increase the equity of your home by adding you street address in large flowing script letters. Your 3D Acrylic House Letters are an investment and will also help in wayfinding for couriers, visiting friends and even emergency crews that might need to find your place in a hurry.

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3D Acrylic House Letters can be installed in either Stone, Brick, Stucco or Wood surfaces, basically any surface that can be drilled.

3D Acrylic Script House Address Letters are pin mounted directly to your house.

Installation can take up to 2 hours depending on the surface of the building and the weather conditions. The holes are drilled 3/16″ diameter and filled with all weather silicone to prevent any moisture or leak issues. If you do not like the idea of drilling directly into your home. You can have Script House Address Letters mounted to a back panel of Aluminum, Wood or even Acrylic.

The options are limitless and the house address will definitely enhance your homes curl appeal.

Choose between flush mounting or stand off on spacers.
Choose between flush mounting or stand off on spacers.

3D Acrylic House Letters colour options.



Aluminum Script House Letters

These letters are 1/4″ thick and designed to last a lifetime. They are the highest quality letter we offer and can are water jet or plasma cut from solid aluminum. You can choose from gloss or matte black or brushed silver.


Housenames company will professionally install your Script House Address Letters at your convenience. We work evenings, weekends and installations can even be performed during the day when you are at work. We do not require access to your garage or house and we will coordinate the best time for you. Scheduled installations may take from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the height and the surface texture. We bring our own tools, ladders and equipment. Occasionally we may require a power source to use a heat gun but you will be notified and arrangements will be made.

Here is a list of Fonts we have available.