Best script address sign made in Canada

Boasting that our script address sign is the best, is a big claim …and Yes, it’s true. Here are several reasons you should choose for your next address sign purchase and installation.

Your Script Address Sign will be made from the best material available.

You have several choices to consider when shopping script address sign materials. The three most popular types are: Acrylic, Aluminum and Dibond. These materials are “all” commercial grade sign substrates used by most sign companies worldwide. 

Script Address Sign

Script Address Sign

Acrylic is the most popular choice for script address signs, and one of the least expensive materials. Acrylic comes in two types Cast and Extruded. Ultimately, Extruded is cheap acrylic is not UV stable. It will crack over time from too much sunlight exposure and eventually fail. Cast acrylic is UV stable and designed for outdoor use. Extruded acrylic is made for indoor use only and looks identical to its counterpart Cast. 

Which Script Address Sign material did you purchase?

Not all address sign companies are selling you a product designed for outdoor use. After all, the two types of acrylic look exactly the same. Extruded acrylic is much cheaper and looks identical to cast. 

If you only paid a few hundred dollars for your new sign, including installation. Most likely, you were sold extruded acrylic and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Unfortunately, not all sign companies are honest sales people. They may offer a 10 year warranty knowing that the cheap acrylic they just sold you will fail in 15 years.

Will a professional installer install your new Script Address Sign?

Installing a script address sign yourself is not that complex. Lets face it, if you are a relatively handy person you could probably manage drilling a few holes into your exterior garage wall.

Unless, however, your wall is made of stone block, textured brick or too high to reach from a ladder. Installing yourself can be tricky and or dangerous, if you are in-experienced with tools or ladders.

Our professional installers know the tricks, have the tools and know the complexity of the job. Not to mention, if you just spent a fortune updating your home. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake and damage your fine masonry work or crack your veneer.

Housename company installs from the Greater Toronto Area, to Niagara Falls. Our service area is indicated on a map here Professional Installation. Housename installers are fully insured, certified for: Working at Heights, Ladder Trained and Whmis 2015.

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