Script address letters are more than updated curb appeal.

Script Address Letters

A new housing trend is growing in your neighbourhood. Communities are updating their outdated homes with landscaping, stonework and brick veneer fronts. They are also choosing to bulldoze old houses and rebuild a newer more efficient home in its place. Along with these new materials and modern improvements they are having new Script Address Letters installed to display the location. This new address sign trend adds the final touches to an already beautiful home, as well as, increases the ability for people to find the home. 

These new Script Addresses are popping up all over.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” seems to be an on-going saga in every neighbourhood. Modern homes have chosen to display block font address signs and older classic Victorian homes tend to display script address letters, like England or Edwardian Script. There are 1000’s of font styles to choose from and picking a font to match your homes style is key to completing your home renovation project. I would also add that script address letters increase curl appeal and equity value to your newly renovated home.

We are one of Canada’s leading providers of Script address numbers and letters. 

We offer several high quality materials for your address sign including Premium Cast Acrylic and Solid Aluminum. Our materials are purchase locally, and signs are cut to order here in Canada. We offer a 30 year warranty on our products, installation and also plan to be there if your sign breaks or fails.

Day after day we travel to million dollar homes and install script address letters. We have installed address signs in almost every style of brick, stone, concrete block, stucco, pvc covered beams and more.

Our sign installers are certified, insured and very experienced. We carry a 5 star google rating and install our signs perfect every time. We do not make mistakes or install signs that are not level, we take extra time to measure twice and drill once. After we tape up an installation template we consult with you to confirm its location and placement.

Who is installing your new script address sign letters?

Not all sign installers take the extra time needed, some companies are installing address signs with PLP premium glue and simply sticking them to your home. Some companies are using thin fonts and the sun has warped the letter and the sign has broken. Everyone is in a hurry and some skip essential steps to ensure the script address letters stay in place permanently.

We may charge more than some address sign companies but we stand behind our workmanship 100 percent. We take the extra time needed, and we have proven to do it right every time. Check out our Project Gallery to see the variety of fonts and materials we have used.

How much do Script Address Sign Letters cost?

We have designed an online pricing calculator to determine the cost of your address sign. You can visit us online at:  and figure out your sign cost today! You can choose different sizes, materials and whether or not you need it installed professionally.

We install in the GTA area to Niagara Falls and sometimes farther. We have indicated our service area on a map here: Professional Installation We look forward to installing your new address sign.

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