Ordering Custom House Address Numbers and Signs: A Brief Guide


Have you ever thought about getting a custom home address sign for your residential home in Canada? There are countless different reasons for getting the best custom house address number signs for your property, and as a result, a growing number of people are looking at the potential options available.

But where should you start when looking for custom house address numbers and signs? There’s no simple answer to this question, but don’t fret! We’ve outlined everything you need to know to help you find the best custom signs for your residential home in Canada.

Why Invest in House Address Numbers for your Canadian Residential Home?

You might want to invest in house address numbers for your home in Canada for numerous reasons. The most obvious of these, of course, is to help your house address numbers stand out, especially if your home is hard to find. However, many people invest in house number signs simply because they can also add a stunning aesthetic to your property.

How to Find the Best Installed Signs for your Home

custom-house-address-numbersFinding the best installed signs for your home isn’t always easy. Some of the key things you should consider here include the following points.

Consider the Font

First, it’s worth checking that your chosen provider offers the perfect font type for your needs. We all have unique preferences, and no single font is necessarily right for everyone. As a result, when you order GTA numbers, make sure you’ll be able to choose a font that matches your needs.

Look at Materials

The best house number signs in Canada come in a wide array of materials, and the best choice will depend on your unique requirements. Our stunning address signs and plaques are made from aluminum, DiBond, acrylic, vinyl, and stainless steel. Of course, each offers a slightly different finish for your house signs – giving you the utmost choice over your final design overall. After all, why should you have to be limited in your options?

Upgrade Options

Does your chosen provider offer additional options to upgrade your signs to really help them look their best? Here at HouseName.ca, we’re proud to offer plenty of additional options to ensure you get the perfect solution from your new house number, such as a lustre finish and even LED backlighting. So, if you’re not sure a regular sign would be right for you, why not upgrade your order with one of our luxury upgrades instead?

Installation Availability

So, you’ve ordered your stunning new house number sign – but what now? Getting these signs up isn’t always a straightforward process. So, if you’ve never put up a house sign before, make sure you also look for a brand that can provide installation services as well.

This simple distinction can often make a huge amount of difference to your overall experience with buying a stunning new sign for your house address numbers. After all, a wonky sign can make a massive amount of difference to the overall look of your property going forward.

Why leave it to chance? Make sure you get professional installation support to enjoy the most amazing results from your sign investment, too!

Find Out More

If you’re ready to find out more about sourcing the highest-quality house address numbers for your home, don’t worry; our friendly experts here at HouseName.ca are proud to be one of the leading providers of custom home address signs in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). So, why leave this to chance? Get the best signs installed for your residential home with help from our friendly team; we’re here for you!