Some House Number Sign Ideas for Candadians

Are you looking for creative House Number Sign Ideas? Maybe something unique or modern looking address sign to add some curb appeal to your home. specializes in custom address sign solutions for all kinds of homes, both modern and older. 

House Number Sign

Whether you have a large stone house with dark trim and modern fixtures. Or Possibly you just renovated your homes front with earth tone brick veneer and have neutral coloured trim. We have a variety of House Number Sign Ideas for every home. Check out our Project Gallery to see some of our work.

Choosing your House Number Address Sign colour.

The first thing to consider is visibility. The greater the contrast the greater the visibility from the street, especially as the sun goes down. Beige or tan stucco homes require a black address sign. Darker homes like dark blue and grays look good with a white or cream home number sign. In some applications brushed silver makes a wonderful address signs. Usually to have a brushed silver address sign your home must have a modern look with modern trim and fixtures.

Your House Number Sign can be any font you wish.

If you research script and modern fonts there are literally 1000’s to choose from. What looks good depends on the style of your home. Older classic Victorian homes look good with script fonts like England or Edwardian Script. If your home is modern with square angles and flat surfaces you might like a font like Trajan Pro or Futura. We offer a graphic design service that allows you to see a visual mock-up of the House Number Sign on your house to actual size. We can offer different font ideas and colours if you would like some creative assistance. You can visit our pre-selected script fonts page to see some popular fonts people have chosen.

We will help you decide what looks good.

We are a group of professional Sign Makers, Graphic Designers, Sign Installers and we have installed address signs on many types of homes and many different placements. Above entry way, above garages, on beams, fences and both horizontally and vertically. If you need some creative direction we would love to help. Our people have knowledge of materials and letter size verses visibility and distance. Your sign is in good hands and we guarantee our workmanship 100 percent. Feel free to visit our facebook page to see some of our current projects and like us!