Choosing the Best GTA Custom Home Numbers

GTA Custom Home Numbers

Custom home numbers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can really make your home stand out. But choosing custom home numbers in the GTA might leave people feeling a bit overwhelmed, despite it being a relatively straightforward process. We’re not talking about choosing an actual number, as that decision is out of your control!

Instead, the following brief guide will steer you in the right direction in deciding which GTA custom home number is right for you:

Figure Out the Right Size

One of the first things that you should do is to determine what size you’d want your custom home number to be. Be sure to check out what ordinances and regulations the GTA has as it pertains to custom home numbers. If you don’t know how to find that information out, you can always contact a company. would be happy to help you out!

A good rule of thumb is to have the numbers be at least 4 inches in height, as that is the minimal height in which people will be able to view the house number from the street.

Determine Its Placement

Another step in choosing the best GTA custom home number is to figure out where to place it outside of your home. You want to place your custom home number in a spot that:

  • Can be seen and read easily
  • Is well-lit as to be seen at night

Considering that the GTA has long, dark winters, make sure that the custom home numbers have some light on them or are at least reflective. This will make things much easier when receiving deliveries and so forth.

When having it installed, be sure that it’s also not directly susceptible to the elements/weather and that it’s placed in a highly-visible area. Usually right around the front door area works for most homes.

Consider the Color of Exterior of the House

Of course, you want your GTA custom home number to be legible and seen, but you also should want it to compliment, rather than detract from, your home. That’s why you must take into account how it appears next to the exterior color of your home.

If your house is painted white, for example, a light-colored house number might not look that good. If your house is brick, perhaps a custom home number on a nice backplate would be best. Don’t gloss over this when choosing a custom home number.

Pick the Right Material

You must also pick a material that takes into account the weather. For GTA custom home numbers, it’s often recommended that you choose a material that won’t rust, as the four seasons can bring plenty of precipitation. Plus, you also want the right material so that your home looks stylish as well! offers a wide-variety of materials to choose from.

If you’re interested and would like to find out how we can better serve your GTA custom home numbers needs, please check out the rest of We’re a small company that takes great pride in ensuring that every single product and service that we provide is of the utmost quality! Contact us today!