Where to Find Inspiration for Custom House Numbers

Custom House NumbersCongratulations! You’ve decided to order your own personalized set of custom house numbers in Toronto. But now you’re probably wondering what type of design you want. If you’re not someone who is the artistic or creative type, you might not not even know where to begin. Thanks to the internet, however, there are plenty of sites that you can visit to find some inspiration in choosing custom house numbers in Toronto that appeal to you.

Some of the main places to seek out are the following:


Pinterest sometimes doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves, but it’s an absolute goldmine if you’re seeking out ideas for your own personalized custom house number. You’ll need an account to search on Pinterest, but just like with most social media sites, it’s entirely free. The sign up process is painless and takes just a minute.

Once logged in, just search for “custom house numbers” or “custom house numbers toronto” or something similar, and you’ll see plenty of different images show up of real life examples, as well as of mockups. You’ll surely be able to find something that peaks your interest here!


Believe it or not, Instagram is another great resource for finding designs of custom house numbers that you can use for your home in Toronto. The best way to go about searching Instagram for custom house numbers is to search via hashtag. Add a “#” before your searches, and you’ll see various designs pop up.

For example, you could search for “black acrylic custom house numbers” and see if there are any images tagged with that hashtag.


A good, old-fashioned Google search (or your favorite web search engine) is sometimes the best solution. This is simple. Either type in something related to “custom house numbers” in Toronto in the search bar and check out the list of websites in the results, or click on “Images” and see what shows up. Given how much content is on the internet, you’ll be sure to find some design inspiration here.

Drive Around

You should also consider driving around neighborhoods in Toronto and paying attention to the custom house numbers that you see! It’s a great way to do some research on real world examples of custom house numbers in the Toronto area. At the very least, just pay attention the next time you drive or walk by various houses during your daily commute.

Design inspirations are literally everywhere, since house numbers are something that everyone with even an apartment needs. The internet has so much content on it that you will most definitely be able to find designs related to custom house numbers. Doing the research now will pay dividends later when you receive your brand new custom house number!

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