Backlit halo LED Script House Address Signs are a bad idea.

I have several reasons for the claim that backlit halo LED script house address signs are a bad idea. 

First of all the LED’s of the sign must match the glow from the pot lights or indirect lighting already installed on your home. If they don’t match it will clash and be very noticeable, even annoying to look at in my opinion. LED Illuminated address signs are usually bright white and the existing house lighting is warm LED, because it fits better with most homes. I prefer the warm look myself, unless I’m in a office, or school. The warm sign LED’s on the market look too orange for my taste, they do not match the warm pot lights or any flood bulb. 

Another issue with the LED lit address signs are that the LED’s are too bright. The brightness can be controlled, but I have yet to see a picture online with a nice soft glow. I would suggest a dimmer, or adjust the signs distance from the wall, or both.

Commercial sign LED’s have a 5 year warranty, maybe 10 years if your lucky. 

I have worked as a sign installer and have retrofitted LED boxes, which are enclosed. Channel letters, also enclosed. The lights fade, flicker and fizzle out over time. Someone will need to visit and replace the LED’s eventually. They unfortunately have a lifespan like any other light. Replacing the LED’s on the script sign could also damage the script sign, who will be responsible for the repair? It’s probably going to be factored into the service fee, which will cost 1/2 the cost of the sign.

“You should ask these questions before you purchase an LED illuminated address sign.”

Now because your LED’s are not in a box or enclosure, they are exposed to the weather, humidity and heat. This will most likely shorted the lifespan of your LED’s as well.

Your new LED address sign needs a new transformer every 5 years (economy transformer).

Just like everything else the transformer is necessary and converts the 120v house current to 12v DC for the LED’s. Cheap transformer $50. A commercial sign transformer $300-$500. These will last 10 years.

These are the standard commercial sign transformers from a sign supplier in Toronto. These are the only economical option for an LED lit address number sign transformer. See the following images, the best one has a 7 year warranty.


I sell signs and believe me I have researched all the options I could, as there is a large interest and demand for LED backlit address signs. If I though it was doable without future hassle, I would sell them for sure. But I look at the big picture and maintaining them signs is trouble. Invest in a gooseneck and replace the bulbs occasionally.