Address Signs for Houses

Address Signs for HousesTwo Important Aspects of Address Signs for Houses

Address signs for houses are vital in ensuring that family and friends can find the right house when visiting. However, there are two very important aspects of address signs for houses that often go ignored when deciding on the right address sign to place outside your home. But they shouldn’t be for a wide variety of reasons.

Check out these two tips that you should follow when choosing address signs for houses:

Consider Having Multiple Address Signs

More than one address sign you say? That’s excessive right? Actually, purchasing multiple address signs for houses can make perfect sense. Multiple address signs for houses can help to better ensure that your guests will more easily be able to spot your home when driving towards it or past it. There are several options to consider, but in terms of placement, one suggestion is to:

  • Place one address sign as your normally would directly in the front of the house, such as by the door. A nice mounted address plaque would be best.
  • Place another address sign perpendicular to the road, either on the side of the house or as a separate address yard sign.

By having multiple address signs for houses, guests can spot your home address no matter which direction they come from on the street. The faster and easier that they’re able to spot your address, the less likely they will put themselves in harms way by taking their eyes off of the road. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to be rear-ended or to rear-end someone else when struggling to see the home address.

Also Take Into Account the Sun

Equally important is that you take into account where the address sign for your house is placed in relation to the sunlight that hits it. During the daytime, for example, the sun may hit the address sign in a way that makes it hard to see.

To counteract this, address signs for houses should be placed in a position that takes into account when and where the sun hits the house. For instance, address signs for houses that get direct sunlight during peak times during the day should have matte surfaces to prevent any glare.

On the other hand, if the address sign doesn’t get much sunlight at all, you might want to consider having it backlit somehow. Other options include making sure that it’s an illuminated address sign or that some light is shined on it through a light source.

If there’s some sort of emergency, vehicles will be able to locate your home faster if the address sign is clearly visible.

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